This project is being abandoned. The final release (1.2.6, containing one bugfix and updated to modern versions of autoconf/automake) can be downloaded here. Sadly, I haven't had USENET access in years, so I really can't improve newsfish anymore. If anyone is willing to takeover, fork, or otherwise use bits and pieces of newsfish in their own programs, you have my blessing to do so. (Within the bounds of my BSD license, of course. ;)



[newsfish logo by Kelly Hallman]newsfish is a batch (meaning non-interactive!) USENET news reader. Given a list of newsgroups and a set of filters for each newsgroup, newsfish scans unread articles, applies the appropriate filters to them, and saves all matching articles into mbox-style files. The articles can then be read in any mail program that understands mbox format (pine being the one that I use). The filters are composed of one or more extended regular expressions (à la egrep). And yes, in case you're wondering, I did model the configuration file after procmail's. :)


newsfish is being distributed in source form and has been released under a BSD-style license. The license can be viewed here and is also contained in the various documentation/source files included in the distribution.


newsfish was developed and tested under FreeBSD. It was also successfully ported to Solaris, Darwin/Mac OS X, and Linux. I tried to keep it as portable as possible, so it should also compile on other UNIX-like platforms, with little or no modification.

newsfish 1.2.5 (Released June 18, 2001)

FreeBSD ports skeleton (For version 1.2.5)


The history of newsfish can be seen here.


A list of known issues and planned future features.


Please feel free to send any comments/feedback about newsfish or this page to Allan Saddi.

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